This exhibition, ‘Passages: Town and Country’, explores the intersection between place and memory. It includes images from rural and urban areas of Saskatchewan. The images are acrylic and mixed media, including collage and digital imaging of maps of Saskatchewan collected by my father ranging from the 1940-1990’s. My dad had a particular fascination with maps. He spent his working life as a dairy inspector, hours in the car, farm to farm throughout southern and central Saskatchewan. He always carried multiple Saskatchewan grid road maps in his car and had obscure roads that he liked to take through both rural and urban landscapes. As I grew older I started to realize that he frequently traveled the path of memory, revisiting places that were important because of personal connection. Over the past several years I have also been spending hours on Saskatchewan highways, travelling to small communities to do educational programming. As I travel through these places I find myself charting my own passages. I collected the images used in these paintings along the way.