Opening/Closing Pop Up Downtown 24/7: 2018

Pop Up 2018 is an exhibition created through a partnership of the Downtown Regina Business Improvement District, the Dunlop Art Gallery and the Creative City Centre. The exhibition is shows in 8 downtown storefront windows from June 22, 2018 - September 30, 2018.

My Pop Up Downtown Regina 2018 project ‘Opening/Closing’ examines how people’s relationship with their environment is influenced by their accumulated experiences of a space.

I recorded audio interviews with 9 people who spend time in the downtown area. I also accompanied people on their typical walk through the downtown core. 7 paintings and multiple short audio works were created in response to the interviews. The installation also features a map of the downtown that sits outside of time, integrating contemporary and historical images of the area’s architecture. LED lights have been added to the map charting the participant’s daily routes. The map and corresponding painting light up simultaneously, linking the painting with the participant’s passage through downtown. Viewers can access the audio through multiple QR codes posted in the window in relation to the paintings. This work captures how downtown Regina is experienced by a variety of people and how our perception of habitual geography is layered with memory.

This project was created in collaboration with Dave The Technologist; providing construction and design of the Arduino control box.