2010 Populating Veduta - Contemporary Cityscapes

Veduta, an Italian word meaning 'view,' is an art form in which the scene of a city, land, sea, or any other 'scape' is captured.

This project was launched with a pilot performance collaboration between mixed media artist Heather Cline and performance artist Michelle Sereda in 2009 at an installation entitled 'The Office for Identity Collection'. The performance included the collection of stories through written documentation, video interview and a performance program for school children. It culminated in a panoramic HD video shoot of the Cathedral Neighborhood in Regina, capturing portraits of the project participants on one of the main streets in the area.

Cline extracted stories from the documentation and audio/video interviews to create an exhibition entitled ‘Populating Veduta: Contemporary Cityscapes’ for the Art Gallery of Regina in the fall of 2010. Using the footage from the HD video shoot, Cline translated her research of the community - both past and present - into a series of large-scale ‘historic’ paintings and companion video shorts that capture the lives of everyday people in a diverse urban neighbourhood.